Using antibiotics: general recommendations

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The development of such antibiotics as Levofloxacin is a great discovery in the medicine. The medicines called antibiotics can fight very serious bacterial infections and save lives of people. Antibiotics prevent the widespread of microorganisms and improve the symptoms just soon after the treatment begins.

medThe diseases for which antibiotics should only be prescribed are caused by bacteria. Other conditions should not be treated with antibiotics. Besides, these medicines are prescribed only when the disease is strongly suspected or proven by lab tests to be caused by bacteria.

Doctors give prescriptions for antibiotics with accurate information about the dosage and the frequency of daily use. Patients should carefully follow the prescriptions to get the best results. Besides, it is necessary to continue the full prescribed time of treatment. If you stop soon after your symptoms improve, the infection may still exist in your body and can restart developing again.

The complete prescribed dose is required for taking to kill the bacteria or make them unable to develop. Half dosing or missing doses may lead to resistance of microbes to the antibiotics. antibioticsMicrobes mutate and adapt to antibiotic actions. This means that antibiotics may become unharmful for bacteria and they start growing even faster in your body.

Proper taking of antibiotics for the entire time period necessary for recovery can help prevent the development of drug-resistant bacteria.
Unfortunately antibiotics can kill not only harmful bacteria, but also good bacteria. proper takingBy affecting good bacterial balance, antibiotics may spoil the natural protective functions of the stomach, vagina and other organs causing stomach upset, dysbacteriosis, and vaginal infections. So, the long use of antibiotics is not recommended and can be dangerous. Only in cases your doctor considers the prolonged use of antibiotics necessary, you should take these medicines for longer time.

The other problem with antibiotics is that they can change the effectiveness of other medicines and cause side effects or allergic reactions. Tell your doctor if you use other medicines or have any allergic reactions to the medicines especially to antibiotics.

Pregnant women and women who feed their babies with breast milk should be very careful with antibiotic choice. It is strictly recommended to visit a doctor for consultation. Lots of antibiotics are not prescribed for pregnant and breast-feeding women.

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