How to prevent resistance to antibiotics?

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bacteriaBeing careful while having the treatment with antibiotics can prevent resistance of bacteria and dangers to health. One should consider the following things before using any type of antibiotic.

The first thing to do is to visit a doctor and make sure that you really need the antibiotic therapy. Do not apply the antibiotic medicines if you have common cold, flu or any other condition not caused by bacteria.

Secondly you should follow all your doctor’s recommendations of use. The antibiotics should be used for the entire time period prescribed for you.

Very frequently the symptoms and signs of the bacterial condition disappear soon after you start the treatment with antibiotics. This in most cases does not mean that the infection is completely treated.resistance

It is important to continue the treatment even if your symptoms improved. The bacteria should be fully destroyed. Usually the treatment with antibiotics lasts for several days. Sometimes in cases of severe infections the treatment need longer time.

Do not self-treat! It may be dangerous for your health. Even if you have infection caused by bacteria, only a doctor can decide which type of antibiotic to choose. Today there are lots of antibiotics of wide spectrum of use. Still certain bacterial infections need to be treated with certain antibiotics.

pillsWhen you use antibiotic medicine, you help your body to recover from the disorder faster. However if it is possible to avoid using antibiotic, try not to use it. Persistent use of antibiotic medicines, overuse, too frequent use may make your immune system weaker and affect other body systems. The risk of bacteria resistance to antibiotics is increased when you use antibiotics too often.

To avoid any health consequences, consult your doctor before using any type of antibiotic. Never use too much of your medicine, take the recommended dose.

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